What Is the Difference Handyman and a Plumber?

July 20, 2022

Hiring a handyman is a great way to save money on minor home repairs and small projects. However, it's essential to understand that not all handymen are created equal. While plumbers must be licensed in New Hampshire, handymen don't have to be. Read on to learn more about the handyman's qualifications and hourly rates. And don't forget that plumbing and handyman work aren't always related!



If you're planning to make repairs on your home, you should consider the cost of hiring a handyman to do the job. Though they charge less, a handyman's work can take double the time of a plumber's. However, hiring a plumber will save you money if you are a landlord because they usually offer a discount to landlords and guarantee that your supply lines will not burst.

Although hiring a plumber may seem like a good deal, you will likely pay a plumber hundreds of dollars more for a simple plumbing problem. A plumber will also know how to diagnose a plumbing problem, which means he'll be able to fix it right the first time. A handyman may be more affordable initially, but the cost can mount over time because he'll need to buy a new tool or purchase expedited supplies.

The cost of hiring a handyman versus hiring a plumber depends on the project. The average task ranges from low to high. You will likely need a plumber for larger projects, such as installing a water heater. Moreover, it only takes an hour to turn a single heavy piece of art, depending on the size and number of screws and miscellaneous hardware.

Another critical factor in determining the cost of a handyman is their experience. Many handymen charge an hourly fee if they have to go shopping. However, some handymen include this cost in their rates, while others will require you to buy materials yourself. A handyman's rate will be higher in regions with higher living costs. Handymen in such states will charge about 20% more than their counterparts in other parts of the country.



A handyman and a plumber are different kinds of professionals. Though they may be skilled in other aspects of home improvement, they do not have the exact licensing requirements. In some states, handymen cannot perform plumbing tasks but must have a license to provide those services. Handymen must complete a pre-license education course and pass a test. Plumbers and contractors must have a general installation specialty license, which is required for new construction.

Several vocational or technical schools offer courses in home maintenance. These trainings require students to spend about five years as apprentices or journeymen before taking on full-fledged plumbing and handyman jobs. Handymans may also have to volunteer at a local organization to gain hands-on experience. Some vocational schools and community colleges offer these programs, which are both accredited and provide valuable hands-on training.

Both plumbing and handymen use their knowledge of electrical systems to repair and maintain home appliances. They use problem-solving skills to find and fix problems and identify potential hazards. This means that handymen also need mechanical aptitude, which includes knowing how machines work and interpreting schematics and diagrams. They must have a thorough knowledge of electrical and plumbing systems. They can also recommend a licensed professional if they can't fix a problem.

Licensed electricians and plumbers can command higher salaries. Handymen and plumbers can also join a professional association. For example, some locations have branches of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters. They may be able to gain more clients if they are members. But, a handyman with a license is generally more likely to be paid higher.

While a handyman does not require formal education, having some technical training benefits. Trade-specific courses can be found in many community colleges. Many high schools offer workshop classes. A handyman must know basic math and read and write. While it is not required, a handyman should have a high school education. Taking a trade-related class in high school will give you an advantage over other professionals.



Communication between plumbers and handymen is essential for a smooth project in home repair and maintenance. The two parties should be on the same page regarding what they need to do, which can be achieved by working out details before the work begins. This will ensure that the project proceeds without any hiccups. Below are some tips to help you communicate effectively with your plumber and handyman.


Hourly rate

If you're looking for work, the hourly rate of a handyman or plumber is an excellent starting point. You may need to start with a lower hourly rate, but it will increase as you gain experience. A handyman's hourly rate will include expenses like his work vehicle and truck, state and federal income taxes, overhead costs, and marketing.

While hourly rates are typically higher than flat rates, the actual cost of a handyman or plumber will depend on several factors, including his experience and location. For example, if you live in a big city, you should expect to pay more than in a small town, and if he has to drive to your location, you may need to pay more for his services. However, if your job is small and doesn't require a lot of time, you might be able to produce a lower hourly rate, even though a plumber will charge a flat fee.

Hourly rates for handymen and plumbers may differ depending on the difficulty of the project, the type of materials used, and the location of the job. You may need specialized equipment or materials to complete the job, and the materials you need may be expensive. If you need to purchase materials for the project, a handyman can advise you on the best materials. Before hiring a handyman or plumber, write a detailed description of the work you want to be done. If possible, take pictures of the work to give him a clearer idea of the project’s scope.

If you're in a hurry, you might want to ask for a flat rate instead. In some cases, handymen may charge extra for materials, such as paint or supplies, and will charge you for these items.

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